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Friday, November 22, 2013

Prevent tooth decay with THIS

Oral use of Iodine can prevent cavities from early childhood.

Iodine kills germs.  It has been used as a preparation for skin before surgery since medical doctors understood germs and how to prevent infection.  What I had never thought or heard before was that iodine could be an effective way to kill tooth-decay causing germs.  

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS explains, in the following video, that fluoride is proven to be ineffective in preventing tooth decay.  Fluoride is toxic when ingested or when it comes in contact and absorbed by the skin.  However, iodine is non-toxic to humans.  In fact, iodine is an essential nutrient for the function of the thyroid.  The thyroid produces thyroid hormone upon which every cell of the body is dependent.  (The thyroid is incapable of producing hormone in the absence of iodine.  This will be another blog post.) Thus, iodine is an excellent, non-toxic, topical treatment for dental care.   Dr. Kennedy explains that the oral disease causing germs are "swimmers".  The germs are introduced to children by age 2 (generally through the mother who has dental decay).  As the child ages, the germs work on the gums and teeth until a cavity forms, gums recede, or teeth fall out.  You can't brush these germs away; but you can flush them away with an irrigation system for oral care.  Dr. Kennedy has a recipe for oral health video that I will post as a second video.

Fluoride Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay - But THIS Does
Dr. David Kennedy, DDS

Recipe for Oral Health by Dr. David Kennedy

Oral Health recipe
1 Quart glass jar
1 inch of salt in the bottom of jar
1 inch of baking soda (on top of salt)
hot water to fill jar

Shake jar until mixed.  Allow to sit under the counter until the salt and soda settles.  The liquid portion of this solution is saturated.  Do not shake before adding to the irrigation system.  Pour off some of the liquid portion and dilute one part solution with one part warm water for oral irrigation after usual brushing and flossing of the teeth.  A "splash" of iodine an also be added to the irrigation solution.  Set irrigation system on low setting, irrigate between and around every tooth.  When all of solution is used, rinse the system with clean water or it will not work the next time you use it!   

With a proper diet, drinking and bathing in clean (fluoride and chlorine free) water, and proper oral care, one should never need to have intervention for tooth decay!  I make my own toothpaste in order to eliminate exposure to the chemicals fluoride and aspartame which are so common in manufactured dental products.  For more information about the health hazards of commercially manufactured toothpaste, check out my blog: Why I don't use Toothpaste or Chew Gum

Dr. Kennedy's website also has a one hour documentary on fluoride in America. I haven't watched this film, yet - so I hesitate to share the link.  Once I watch it, I may have a comment or two.   Fluoridegate - the film


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  2. Wonderful article! Iodine has always proved to be best natural medicine for dental diseases. Many of us know about it but unfortunately very few people find time in using them. For such people I think toothpaste or mouthwash with higher iodine content can help in cavity protection. Adequate amount of personal dental care should be taken, like regularly visiting dentist and taking up home remedies to keep your teeth germ free. Always prefer a holistic dentist because they look into relationship between oral health and rest of the body, focusing on overall harmony.

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  8. What kind of Iodine does he recommend?? I have Povidone Iodine, is that safe?

    1. You should check with the label to see if it is safe for oral use. I think Povidone was first marketed for topical use as an antiseptic. You might be safe to purchase a liquid iodine that is non-radioactive for dietary supplementation. Logul's iodine would be one brand available. Check with your local health store.