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Friday, April 12, 2013

Asthma and Acne - what they have in common

The skin and the lungs are both organs.  But this is not the only thing that asthma and acne have in common.  The organs that are affected by these diseases have a function of detoxification.  When the body comes in contact with environmental toxins (food, insecticides, household cleaners, air pollutants, dry cleaned clothing, or health care products),  the liver has to filter them out because toxins kill cells.  The liver sends toxins out through the lung tissue, the skin and the intestinal tract.  A low nutrient diet can trigger the liver to store toxins until the proper foods are eaten, which then trigger the liver to dump its junk.  When someone is eating a diet that is low in fruits and vegetables but high in fat, sugar and protein, the liver is bogged down with stored toxins.  When ready for elimination, the toxins should be eliminated quickly.  This requires sweating (exercise), unimpeded air exchange and frequent intestinal eliminations.  

A person who eats a poor diet will have a difficult time getting toxins out quickly.  Poor nutrition means that every cell in the body is starving for nutrients.  Nutrients come from plants, not animals.  The body's cells were designed to run on plant fuel.  Acne and asthma are just two of the many conditions that result from food borne or environmental toxins.  You might ask, "Why, then, do young children have these conditions?"  Toxins get into everything, including babies before birth.  A staggering number of industrial toxins have been found in the umbilical blood of newborn babies.  I imagine that these mothers thought they were being careful to avoid chemical exposures during pregnancy.  It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, our nation pushes dairy and animal products on pregnant women with the promise of good nutrition!    

Foods that trigger asthma and acne are also common in each case.  Meat, dairy and junk food are listed in Dr. Popper's video that follows.  Meat and dairy products (even the lean and low fat variety) cause inflammation, contain chemicals used to treat the animal, trigger an immune system response in the body which can damage the body's own cells, and slows digestion causing general poor health.  Dairy, in particular, is naturally high in estrogen.  Boys and girls don't need any more of that to contribute to their acne problems.  As Dr. Popper will explain, dairy protein is found to be a real acne contributor!

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