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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Food additive that causes mental fog, obesity, headaches, IBS, ADD....

Here is a concept that is difficult for some folks to wrap their minds around - many health problems are related to our food.  One of the most dangerous additives in our food, connected to many serious health problems, is MSG.  Monosodium Glutamate has been linked to many symptoms that puzzle doctors and to many conditions that go un-diagnosed.  See if you can find yourself in this list from Debby Anglesey's website.  http://www.msgmyth.com/symptoms.html

The concern about food does not end with MSG alone.  The "glutamate" part of this additive is found naturally in foods.  Once a food is processed through heat, strong acids, alkalis, enzymes or other chemical processes, the glutamic acids become free and unbound from other amino acids.  The free glutamate is a threat to various parts of the body.  We have glutamate receptors all over our body which respond to natural levels of glutamic acid.  However, the levels of free glutamate in processed foods are so high that they become toxic to the nervous system. To avoid free glutamate in foods, a person must read every label, refrain from eating in restaurants, prepare more meals from unprocessed whole foods and use caution at pot-lucks!

Read this list of hidden names for free glutamic acid.

What if processed food doesn't bother me?  A health scare may sneak up on you as a great surprise in your future.  Food industries are adding increasing levels of free glutamic acid without restriction by the FDA and without clear labeling.  As the amount of this additive rises in our nation's food supply, more health concerns will arise.  A person's body can only tolerate a toxin for a period of time before it begins to show signs of failure.  Our nation's health is on the brink of a failure right now! Don't wait until a crisis happens to you!!!

Here is a good series, about 6 years old, exposing the danger of glutamate in food.  The information is reliable and helpful for anyone ready to purge their pantry of processed foods.

The Dangers of MSG part 1

The Dangers of MSG part 2a

The Dangers of MSG part 2b

The Dangers of MSG part 3

The Dangers of MSG part 4

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