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Friday, May 31, 2013

GMO's harmful to animals and humans alike!

We can learn a lot about how human health is affected by GMO foods by observing animals who are feed genetically modified corn and soy.  There has been a great deal of "fudging" the studies to make GMO's look safe for human consumption; however, the chronic illness caused by GMO feed in the big Ag. business sheds a revealing light on what this toxic food can and is doing to us!
If you are a pet owner, you should be aware of the dangers of genetically modified corn and soy in your pet food.  Unless your food or pet food is labeled "NON-GMO", don't trust anything with corn, soybean or canola  in the ingredients.  In the case of pet foods, the animal proteins used to make the food generally comes from animal products that are not marketable for humans or from the waste in butchering meat for human consumption.    The animal meal used in pet food is most likely from animals that ate GMO corn and soybean.

GMO's can cause the same damage to organ tissues in animals as they do in humans.  Listen to this short video to catch the info on how animals are harmed after consuming GM foods.

Jeffrey Smith: GMO Health Conditions Already Known

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