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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gut Check: Choose health, not junk!

CBS This Morning featured a health spot called "Gut Check" today.  The topic of beneficial bacteria is a key point for improving overall health for people of all ages.  The standard American diet is filled with meat, dairy, sweets, fat and refined carbohydrates.  These foods slow the digestive tract, contribute to the growth of inflammatory "bad" bacteria, reduce the good neurotransmitter production which benefits mental health, makes the body very acidic, and destroys the immune system.  The story on CBS This Morning highlighted the negative effects of bad bacteria being linked to diabetes, obesity and inflammation.

For the broadcast of This Morning's spot, "Gut Check", click on this link: 

How can you improve your health by getting more good bacteria in your gut?  Change your diet.  Eat high fiber foods.  The only source of fiber is through plant foods.  You can get all the good gut flora that you need by eating a large, raw, green, organic salad every day (don't put nasty processed foods or dairy on that!).  The key to health is to get to the root cause of disease.  Heath starts in the gut and it begins with what we feed our bodies.  Don't rely on going through animal based foods to get your nutrition.  Go directly to the source - where the animals get their nutrition - fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  I put together a fun video about home made sources of good bacteria (probiotics).    Click on my blog post about Vegetable ferments and probiotics for more viewing and links to help you get started toward reversing your disease.

There are a few more links to my blog posts that might be helpful regarding gut health:  Probiotics,  Beet Kvass,  Some bugs you need to catch.

You only get one body in your lifetime.  Quit eating the stuff that makes you sick.  I call that stuff, JUNK.  If it comes in a package and is ready to eat or drink, then it is junk.  The effects that it leaves behind is fat on our bodies, 90% of our diseases and the wrappers that go in the trash (more junk for the earth).  Choose health.

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