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Monday, October 29, 2012

How to get protein from plants

It is possible to get plenty of the protein necessary to sustain life from plants.  Among all of the nutrients found in plant foods, protein is found to have an adequate concentration in a broad spectrum of sources from beans, nuts and seeds to leafy greens.  In fact, even a banana has some protein in it! 

Before exploring the sources of protein in a plant based diet, first ask this question:  "Why do I feel concerned about getting enough protein?"

The answer is: Because our country  has imposed the idea of protein as the perfect food for humans.  Watch this video to see why the emphasis on protein could be misdirected.

I don't agree with Dr. McDougall's views of human origin - primate to man evolution.  God created all things and through Him all things exist.  I can be a big girl, though, and listen to McDougall's understanding of the human body's need for energy.  My personal experience with changing to a plant based diet is that starches and lots of fiber are necessary for my physical energy and help to keep me feeling satisfied between meals.  

Can a person regain health on a starch based diet?  There are several testimonials on Dr. McDougall's website claiming restoration of health.  It is important to emphasize, however, that starch is the bulk of calorie intake while additional fruits and vegetables provide the necessary plant nutrients that fight cancer and disease.

Practical application of this information
  • Keep plenty of starch foods in your refrigerator, ready to eat, such as cooked brown rice, roasted or boiled potatoes, cooked squash, baked or boiled sweet potatoes and cooked beans.
  • When you feel hungry between meals, snack on starch and vegetable combinations.
  • Make sure that main dishes have a starch addition (For example a vegetable soup with potato, corn or rice).
  • Be cautious!  Additions of fat and oil to your diet can cause disease.  (yes, that means potato chips)

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a medical doctor with a great message on nutritional density.  I have read his book, Disease-Proof Your Child; Feeding Kids Right.  It is an excellent resource of information for young married couples as it instructs much needed nutrition beginning two years prior to pregnancy of the mother.  His book shows how essential a child's diet from prenatal to 10 years can be to his or her long term health - preventing cancer, allergy, and many chronic diseases.

Watch this short video explaining nutrient density.  There will be a great slide showing the most nutritiously dense food.  Guess what it is.

KALE.  It's the new beef.

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