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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kale chip with a heart!

My kale chip with a heart shaped hole

I made kale chips from some huge dinosaur kale grown in  my Mom's garden last summer.  As I was looking to boost my soup with some more nutrition today, I reached for a few kale chips to crumble into the broth.  There, in the center of one of the chips, was a perfect heart shaped hole!  Maybe a bug was chewing on it last summer.  Maybe it chipped off in the bag while it was being stored.  In either case, I think it is a sign.  :)  (This is just a little amusement.  I don't really put much weight into looking for signs unless they are the signs that God has given in the Bible.)  In any case, I am inspired by kale.

Today's tips
  • Kale is very nutritious.
  • Kale beats beef, pound for pound, in protein content without any artery clogging cholesterol.
  • Kale also has some calcium value - as do other leafy greens.
  • It can be added to soup in order to benefit from the most nutritional value.
  • Kale can be cooked and blended with the soup broth to "hide" it in your soup.
  • When eaten as chips, be sure to check your teeth before you have a conversation with someone.
  • Chop kale into tiny pieces and add it to your salad.  Chew thoroughly.
  • There are a few varieties of kale: dinosaur (also called Nero or Tuscan), Red Russian, and curly are  the most common varieties sold in the grocery.
  • Kale has plant properties which feed the body's cells and gives them the fuel to heal, repair damage, burn fat and reverse cancer.
  • You can get Vitamin A and C from eating kale.  Who needs orange juice?
  • Kale is safest to eat if grown organically.

Cooking up great health with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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