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Monday, February 18, 2013

Why detox?

Toxic substances are difficult to avoid in our modern world.  Toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, body lotion, public water supply, dry cleaned clothing, amalgam dental fillings, plastic beverage containers, air fresheners, pesticides and cleaning chemicals are just a few of the endless sources of toxins that we encounter on a daily basis.  The mouth, the skin and the lungs are the most common ways that toxins get into our bodies.  In fact, the lungs are the most direct way to get toxins into the body as there is only one cell between an inhaled substance and the blood stream. 

What does the body do with toxins?  The body filters toxins via the liver. The liver will either send the toxin to the GI tract for elimination or store the toxin until conditions allow for elimination - storing toxins for a lifetime if necessary.  Some toxins are fat soluble and get stored in the fat cells.  God designed the body with the mechanisms necessary to protect itself from toxic exposure.  Three mechanisms of detoxification are:
  1. Sweat - toxins are eliminated through the skin by significant sweating.
  2. Lymph - movement of the body (particularly up and down) circulates the lymphatic system moving wastes and toxins to the blood stream and intestinal fluid.
  3. Colon -  the liver can mobilize toxins which are carried via the blood stream and deposited in the colon for elimination.  Toxins can also be bound with phytochemicals (herb and vegetable source), seeds and blue-green algae to be eliminated with digestive waste.

Detoxifying is vital - Ty Bollinger

Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, juiced vegetables, leafy greens, gellotinous seeds like chia and flax, or herbs like parsley and cilantro can stimulate the body to release toxins.  Eating properly while getting plenty of exercise (the kind that produces a good sweat) can effectively keep the body detoxified on a daily basis.  However, when a person is ill with a chronic disease, it is essential to jump start the immune system with lots of raw plant foods by consuming green juices, fresh organic vegetables and salads throughout the day. 

Here is one of the best explanations that I have heard regarding the coffee enema method of detox.  The Gerson Therapy is noted for this practice which provides a boost to the body's healing process.

Do Coffee Enemas Work? - Nicholas Gonzalez

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