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Friday, March 22, 2013

Prenatal and infant diet determines long term health

The foods that a pregnant mom consumes significantly influences the long term health of her child.  In fact, studies have shown great benefit to the child's life long health when the mother's diet has been nutritionally stable for at least 2 years prior to pregnancy.  
Eating a high sugar diet can influence the developing baby to lay down more fat cells in order to accommodate the elevated insulin in mother's blood.  This determines the baby's number of fat storage cells for his or her lifetime. 
Consumption of dairy, animal and high fat foods can leave gaps in the nutrition which is needed for the baby's development.  

Low consumption of vegetables and fruits prior to and during pregnancy has been linked to the most common childhood form of leukemia (ALL).  

Leafy green vegetables, essential to everyone's diet, are of particular importance to pregnant and nursing women in order to provide support to the baby's immune system.

Eating plenty of raw vegetables while breast feeding helps to inoculate the baby's digestive tract with good bacteria which support immune system function, prevent diseases and protect from development of food allergies. 

Click on the link below and watch the 3 minute video of Nick Delgado, PhD, talking about how the infant's diet can affect his or her health for a lifetime.  

Nick Delgado made a reference to Nathan Pritikin.  I have posted a link below to a private interview by Dr. McDougall with Nathan Pritikin in 1982.  Pritikin's wisdom was far beyond what standard medical doctors would recommend for dietary treatment or solution to common diseases.  He addresses a wide range of diseases (from heart disease to cancer) that can be corrected by changing the diet to whole grains, beans, peas, fruits, vegetables and potatoes while  omitting all animal protein and dairy foods.  He tells the story of one of his patients who had a rare form of stomach cancer that was completely reversed.  The patient lived beyond the cancer diagnosis.  His emphasis about dairy is clear, linking dairy to disease and stating that it is an unnatural food because humans lack the ability to digest it.  He also states that infants should not consume any food other than mother's milk up to age 6 months to prevent development of a food allergy.   This interview is VERY GOOD - don't miss it!  Nathan Pritikin: A Casual Conversation with Dr. McDougall

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