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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Toxic hunger and addictive foods

Have you ever considered that some foods, touted as being healthy "diet food", could be the cause of a vicious addictive cycle that makes you overeat, feel fatigue between meals and cause you to gain weight?  Many processed foods are labeled as "low in fat and calories" or packaged in tiny little portions so that a person can only eat 100 calories of that item.  When the package is eaten, or the serving size is consumed, only a short time passes before your tummy is growling or you experience a gnawing hunger pain that can't be relieved.  If that is your problem, there is good reason for it and there is a way to eliminate the viscous cycle of hunger, small portions and starvation.  It is possible to eat unlimited quantities of nutritious food and lose weight - no more calories to count!

A person can eat more food by volume (which is lower in calories than the standard 2000 calorie American diet) by eating mostly unprocessed vegetables, beans, whole grains and fruits.  Eating such foods that are high in plant nutrients, such as dark green vegetables and legumes, allows your digestion to be satisfied longer.  Nutritionally dense foods keep you feeling satisfied between meals and your body can go into the "burn", using stored energy during the catabolic stage of metabolism.  Dr. Fuhrman explains the two cycles in the body metabolism, anabolic (the building phase during digestion) and catabolic (detox and repair while living off stored glycogen) phases.  In this audio interview with Dr. Fuhrman, you can learn how nutrition density will help break the addictive hunger that comes from eating a poor diet. 

Why You're Addicted to Certain Foods, Joel Fuhrman

The following video presentation that Dr. Neal Barnard gives is especially informative with regard to food addictions.  He offers a great variety of information in this presentation, so if you don't have time to watch it now, be sure to come back and view it when you have some free time.  The foods that trigger an addictive or drug-like response in the brain are: Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar.

Dr. Neal Barnard:  Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar -- Physically Addictive

For more information and resources regarding food additives that cause illness and food addiction, see my blog post on Food Additive. . . and Bread tips and Hidden MSG

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