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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fertility, Pregnancy and Childhood Diet

Pregnancy and child rearing was before a major dietary change in my life.  I consumed a full fat diet of meat and dairy along with regular - albeit low - consumption of fruits and vegetables.  I successfully carried four babies to full term; but due to cephalopelvic disproportion, everyone of them was born via Cesarean section.  

There is a new video from Dr. McDougall's most recent Advanced Study weekend.  Dr. McDougall, though he lends toward Darwinian thought (I disagree with that theory of origins), has a reasonable argument regarding C-sections.  The rising number of surgical interventions for childbirth is more evidence that we are not eating properly as a nation.  The starch based diet can provide perfect nutrition for everyone - even men and women in child-bearing years. Dr. McDougall compares his wife's pregnancy while eating a Standard American diet versus a strict starch based diet.  This is an encouraging video to watch.  He gives good reasons to try to avoid C-section as a method of childbirth.  I agree with that!

Dr. John McDougall: Pregnancy and Children

A few highlights:
  • All male herbivores have seminal vesicles.  All male carnivores lack seminal vesicles. Humans are the only living being with seminal vesicles that consumes meat.
  • Sperm counts are reduced by consumption of meat and dairy.
  • Women are also less fertile when consuming animal products.
  • Cesarean section prohibits the baby from being inoculated with good intestinal bacteria and instead inoculates the baby with hospital bacteria.
  • Babies are bigger because the diet of pregnant American women is rich in meat and dairy.
  • Fish should not be consumed by pregnant women due to environmental toxins in the meat and fat of the fish.
  • 770 pregnant women studied who ate a vegan diet were completely free of pre-eclampsia.
  • Don't take multi-vitamins!  Pre-natal vitamins pose a significant risk to unborn babies.
  • Consumption of animal foods is the cause of precocious puberty in young boys and girls - up to 5 years earlier than should naturally occur.
  • 60% of a woman's pesticide content is dumped into her breast milk during the first 6 months of lactation!
  • In the unfortunate event of needing a substitute for breast milk, McDougall recommends a hypo-allergenic formula: Silimac Alimentum, Advance Ross Pediatrics EleCare, Nutrimigen Lipil.  Add 1/4 tsp sugar to 2 oz formula for taste acceptance.
  • Fast growth in children does not mean better health.
  • California is the first state to establish law (2011) that requires doctors to learn about human nutrition and diet therapy.  The state of Hawaii has recently followed.
  • The McDougall plan made the top 10 Best Diet list in USA Today Magazine.

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  1. Eating Healthy is very important for pregnant women to keep her baby healthy..

    Maureen Muoneke