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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Support and solidarity

Support is essential to success when a person is sick and he or she wants to try the natural route to healing,   The spouse or a close family or friend can be the true key to making the program for healing work.  In our case, Adam was willing to try eating a plant based diet to see if it would assist healing.  Without understanding the full extent of benefit from unified support, we began the cancer journey by having separate meals.  I cooked for my husband - usually beans salads and vegetables - while I continued to eat red meat and dairy. Once we had listened to the messages of McDougall, Esselstyn, Barnard and Campbell, I was on board to give the plant based diet a try for myself as well as for Adam.  It was then, that my husband's condition really started to turn around toward wellness.  We read all the labels, talked about meal ideas, shopped together with our nutritional needs in mind and spent time sharing the responsibilities in the kitchen.  Working together at health was the key to success for us.  It is too difficult to do alone, unless you already live alone.  In the case of a single person, there is need for another friend or family member to come along side.  Listen to this brotherly support from one of Dr. McDougall's videos.

Solidarity is another important choice in wellness.  When my husband and I finally understood the fact that everything going into our mouths either helped our bodies or hurt our bodies, we chose to stay on track at all times.  Recovered cancer patients can never go back to eating the western diet with meat and dairy.  Any undetected cancer cells, even one cell, would still know what to do when it doubled and quadrupled.  Feeding that cell with sugar, dairy and animal protein could result in cancer returning.  Not once, even for a special occasion, will I put an egg or some butter into a prepared dish and serve it to my husband because we have worked very hard to get to this point in our health!  I won't consider doing that to him, and I choose not to do that to my own health as well.  (However, we eat such a detoxifying diet that I am confident.  Accidentally eating something with animal protein in it would probably have no negative effect in a rare incidence.)

Solidarity works very well for people making big changes together.  The following video is very encouraging.   

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