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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arthritis and inflammation treatable with diet!

It is possible to find a cure for your disease.

This girl shares her story in a "Star McDougaller" video.  She found a cure for her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis by eating a starch based (vegan) diet.  Accidental consumption of dairy or eggs can trigger her RA.

McDougaller, Juliea Baker cured Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis with diet

Phyllis Heaphy cured RA with McDougall diet
and additional elimination of: wheat, corn, citrus

The concept of leaky gut, molecular mimicry and food as a connection between what we eat and our diseases is fascinating and makes sense to me.  There is a great deal of hope for people who are suffering with arthritis, other auto-immune diseases and diseases of metabolic syndrome.  With the motivation and understanding of the connection between food and disease, a person can take back his or her health!
Many foods have natural anti-inflammatory properties!
At the bottom of this paragraph, I have posted a good link to a list of anti-inflammatory foods.  The best foods are fruits, vegetables and sources of omega 3 fat like walnuts and flax seed.  The list includes fish, which I personally would not consider eating due to possible toxins and naturally occurring cholesterol (inflammatory agent). http://www.naturalantiinflammatory.org/anti-inflammatory-foods.html

I have mentioned before that I have soreness in joints that were previously impacted in an auto accident.  On the council of my chiropractor, I have included fresh pineapple (just 1/2 cup or less) in my diet everyday to reduce inflammation.  Along with that, we include cayenne, lime and lemon in our daily green vegetable juice.  The results have been good.  My joint stiffness has been reduced by 50%.  Perhaps I will try to eliminate the five plant allergens that were mentioned in Phyllis Heaphy's video to see if there is any connection.  The five mentioned are the following: wheat, corn, citrus, tomatoes and strawberries.

What about coffee?
  • There are studies that indicate that coffee has some anti-inflammatory properties.  One study (Carcinogenesis June 2011) shows that the phenolic phytochemicals in coffee can suppress colon cancer metastasis.  Cancer is a type of inflammation.
  • Coffee containing caffeine can cause dehydration (unless it is offset by an additional 10 oz of water per cup of coffee).  Dehydration can lead to joint pain.  
  • Coffee also raises cholesterol levels which can elevate inflammation.  A 1999 study sited in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that trials using filtered coffee (with paper filters) demonstrated very little increase in serum cholesterol whereas unfiltered coffee showed an increase in total and LDL serum cholesterol.  This is something to note for those who enjoy espresso, French press, or just like to save money on paper filters by using a basket - like I have been.

Black or green tea may be a better option as a hot beverage.  However, with a paper filter, perhaps coffee would be okay for a healthy person who has no adverse reaction to it.

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