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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Keeping food simple, healthful and tasty

I just picked up a new recipe book, Forks Over Knives, to give me some more plant based meal ideas.  This will help especially when company comes to visit and eat in our home.  I am also called upon to make a "dish to pass" from time to time. Making food for other people brought on a lot of stress for me when we first chose to adopt the healthy path of life and eat plant based.  I was never ashamed to eat a salad for lunch, or roasted vegetables and potatoes for dinner and call it good.  But when people were invited to my home and I offered to make them dinner, the pressure was on.  It had to be tasty, exciting and convincingly nutritious.  At first, it seemed best to never invite friends to eat at my house.

Now it has been a year of eating plant based and I am feeling great.  Only occasionally do I get wound up at the thought of making a dish to pass that is tasty.  Every time I cook for company, I remember watching this video from the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.  Karl Seff has some great advice for everyone to hear.  Good food need not be fancy, prepared with many ingredients or slaved over in the kitchen to be enjoyable.

If the flavor isn't enjoyable for me, I just eat because the food is good for me.  I am very comforted in the thought that I will continue to feel amazingly healthy, my husband has a great chance of remaining cancer free and I am being physically obedient to God instead of my stomach!

Confessions of a Low Class Vegan - Karl Seff, PhD.

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