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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eat celery . . . . for what it's worth!

Celery is powerful medicine . . . . for those who eat it!
Celery used to be a meaningless food to me.  It used to be just something that was added to soup or salads for the crunch and a little flavor.  Now I know that it is one of   many great cancer-fighting foods, designed by God for the benefit of man's health.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain hundreds of plant chemicals that have been found to provide healing power to the human body on the cellular level.  The science is "in" and has provided very positive news for everyone who is drawing breath.  Many fruits and vegetables have been studied for their healing benefits.  Celery has been found to have at least two (more are listed in article link below) dietary agents that assist in the activation of apoptosis (the targeted death of cancer cells).  The two agents are Luteolin and Apigenin.  Luteolin is also found in green pepper and plants of the mint family such as peppermint and oregano.  Other sources of Apigenin are parsley and lettuce.  Bet you didn't think lettuce could help fight cancer, either!

Everyone develops cancer cells.  The key to keeping it completely unrecognized and insignificant is to already be eating the foods that contribute to the cell suicide mechanism which has been programmed into every cell by God's design.

So there you have it!  Celery IS good for you.  Celery is great for people fighting cancer, but it is great for little kids and grown ups who are eating to live strong.  When people eat poor diets, devoid of these healing plant properties, they will eventually reap a harvest of disease.

A good summary of the benefits of celery can be found at this website regarding breast cancer and chemopreventive foods (foods that inhibit cancer growth):  http://foodforbreastcancer.com/foods/celery ; the following quote taken from the article on celery gives a more detailed list of phytochemicals that are chemopreventive (cancer-fighting)  "Celery contains several substances with suspected or demonstrated cancer fighting properties, including apigenin, apiuman, luteolin, chrysoeriol, coumarin, and several polyacetylenes and phthalides. Celery seeds also contain perillyl alcohol, which has been found to have chemopreventive activity."

Celery is specifically recommended for breast cancer - but it can help support healthy cells and fight any type of cancer, too!

Even more good news!  Celery also helps reduce inflammation, gout and high blood pressure - check out this article.

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